Nagle Forge and Foundry

Pins: Kilt Pins (better known as Plaid Pins)

We make a variety of different Kilt Pins. Many of our designs are based on old Scottish, Irish, & Anglo-Saxon designs. We originally produced our Kilt Pins for the Scottish re-enactment community (people interested in historical forms of Scottish dress). But, because of their versatility and attractiveness, many wearers of the modern Kilt have chosen to incorporate one of our Kilt Pins (Shoulder Brooches) into their dress in some traditional and non-traditional ways.

For more information about our Kilt Pins --how they are made, and how they are used-- please see Kilt Pin Information.

Rampant Lion Encircled by Thistles
Longship Fleet Encircled by Thistles
Dragon's Nest
Modern Thistle Posy
Knot Quadrant
Scottish Targe
Highland Piper
Highland Lovebirds
Call of Ireland
Trewhiddle Brooch
Stags & Thistles

As always, all of our pins are made by us (at our workshop in northern California) and all of our pins are covered by our lifetime guarantee: If you break or damage one of our pins, we will fix it or replace it. Our Kilt Pins are designed and made to withstand heavy and consistent wear over many years.

And yes, the pins depicted here represent only a small fraction of the shoulder brooches we make. We are pleased to make over 185 different Plaid/Kilt Pin designs, however we do not always display them all.

(And we have NEVER displayed the majority of our Plaid/Kilt pins on-line. Much like some of the smaller woolen mills we only make some of our designs on a rotation basis: We may make only 2 examples of any specific Plaid/Kilt Pin design every 3-4 years. Yes, YEARS... If you have one of the rarer Nagle Forge & Foundry Plaid/Kilt Pins there is a reasonable chance that you will never encounter someone with the same pin.)

To see a full --or, more accurately, fuller-- selection of our Plaid/Kilt Pins please come see us in person at one of the Scottish Games where we will be displaying our new and old items. At any of the larger --2-day-- events we attend we try to display at least 75 different Plaid/Kilt Pin designs in our popular Highlander, Traditional, Modern, Glen & Irish series. We also make a number of larger kilt/plaid brooches that incorporate natural cabochon cut gemstones.

Our Irish Cross shoulder brooch is particularly popular when set with (green) Aventurines.

We are also pleased that a selection of our unique high quality pewter, bronze and sterling silver pieces is carried by a small group of specialty retailers in the U.S. and Canada. If you are interested in visiting a store that carries Nagle Forge & Foundry work please see our retailer links page.

Last Modified on 02/23/2015