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Pins: Kilt (Plaid) Pins

Rampant Lion Encircled by Thistles

Lead Free Pewter with Detachable Nickel Pin.
Made in U.S.A.
Approximately 78 mm across.
Price: $69.00
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This is a functional and very traditional kilt pin that will become an integral and decorative part of your 'kit.' This piece is reminiscent of the classic plaid pins of the mid to late 19th century. (We originally made this piece for all those people who always admired granddad's brooch, but knew that only one cousin could get it... A new piece in an old style, perfect for yesterday's memories, and tomorrow's memories.) The stylistic ancestors of this pin are treasured today for their beauty and for the memories of the men (and women) who wore them when they were new. We hope that 120 years in the future your descendants will treasure this pin for the same reasons.

Large and sculptural, this is a forceful piece that looks magnificent on a tartan or thick shawl.

And yes, this pin will hold the hold the whole nine yards. The detachable handmade nickel pin limits the strain on the cast front piece.

For more information about our Kilt Pins please see Kilt Pin Information

Kilt Pin Rampant Lion Encircled by Thistles
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