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Scottish Targe

Lead Free Pewter with Detachable Nickel Pin.
Made in U.S.A.
Approximately 98 mm across.
Price: $105.00
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This is a magnificent and imposing pin, and the largest of our "Targe Style" designs. (We also make a line of smaller "Targe Style" pins for sashes & hats.) We based the design of this pin on a pattern that was carved on the decorative center rondel of a targe (the small round wood and leather shield) that was originally carried by a sixteenth or seventeenth century Highland warrior. This is a complex, fierce, beautiful and spirited piece: Perhaps a bit like the now nameless craftsman who made the original shield, or the warrior who once carried it. And, as a piece of jewelry it is no less spirited. In the words of a certain old Scot, this is "a fine Sunday brooch." Although the original targe is the size of a barrel lid, our pin is --although large-- a fine size for a shoulder.

This pin will hold the whole nine yards and can be worn as a pendant as well as a brooch.

If you are interested in this design you may also be interested in our Scottish Targe Cloak Clasps. A smaller version of the Highland Targe.

For more information about our Kilt Pins please see Kilt Pin Information.

Kilt Pin Scottish Targe
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