Nagle Forge and Foundry


We make hundreds of different pins and brooches. Due to constraints of time and space the majority of our pins are not displayed online. However, if you see a piece that seems similar to the piece you want (or, if you remember seeing a specific piece at one of our events) please enquire.

Among the pins that we do display online are several of our favorite Plaid Pins (listed under Kilt Pins --for a full explanation please see Kilt Pin Information). We also display a few of our most popular smaller Scottish Pins. If you are looking for a large Highland style Scottish brooch please take a moment to check out the historically inspired Scottish Targe Pin or the much more modern Modern Thistle Posy pin (both listed under Kilt Pins (Shoulder Brooches).

For those interested in a smaller Scottish style pin please see our Scottish Pins. We particularly recommend the 18th c. style Luckenbooth Pin and the maze like Scottish Cross Pin. Any of our smaller Scottish Pins can easily be worn on a jacket or light scarf.

As well as making a large line of Scottish style pins, we make a veritable zoo of realistic animal pieces. ...And a number of semi-mythological historically inspired pieces. We occasionally display some of our cats, dragons, hippocamphs and deer on-line. However, we never display all of our animals, mythological animals or historically inspired animals on-line.

These pieces are only a small sampling of our total work. If you are interested in seeing more, please make an effort to attend one of our events. Or, contact us to find out if there is a store that retails our line in your area.

And, as always, all of our pins and brooches are made by us at our workshop here in California, and all of our work is guaranteed: If you break or damage one of our pins we will fix it or replace it.

P.s. We also do custom casting and design work for clubs, clans, associations and events.There is a 50 piece minimum for any custom pin or medallion. If you are interested in more information about our custom work please contact us.

Last Modified on 04/16/2015